When mentioning the name Al Nuke it is synonymous with complex Genius, growing up homeless at 13 on the true trenches of Detroit, MI he realized life was not going to be easy. 


Coming from a broken child hood scattered in foster homes, living in abandoned houses at 15, Al would record music and write stories in his head, he would always find a way to share his thoughts. The streets eventually took more notice when he became one of the Eastside biggest Drug dealers by the age of 21 before his first album ever came out.


By the tender age of 25 Al Nuke had lived what many people would call a true testimony releasing over 5 albums selling over 100,000 copies, found Not Guilty in an Attempted Murder case. Al gave his life to God and found more purpose and new life. 


While still recording music he nurtured his career by partnering with a friend to co Direct his first documentary “StreetLife” 2005 featuring, Trick Daddy, Mc Hammer, Lil Flip, Havoc and Prodigy an countless up and coming to be stars. This documentary became a global success selling over 500,000 copies worldwide via Urban Works Ent. In 2006 Al penned, starred and directed in his first major release titled, “17000 Block” acclaiming Best Indie Motion Picture and Best Feature of 2007. 


Al Nuke went even further into entertainment opening Detroit’s first Multi Media Complex “All World Media” offering services such as music recording, marketing and visual concepts. Al also partnered with former Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick and Governor Granhom in multiple non-profit and community outreached programs. 


Al Nuke created a special Comcast Late Show in Michigan titled Nuke At Night, this sketched comedy and music video concoction became the #1 Late show on TV in Michigan with 500,000 viewers Mon-Friday with Al Nuke at the helm being Executive Producer and Host.  


After concurring Music, Movie and Television in Detroit, Al Nuke set his sights much bigger, he picked up and moved to Atlanta working with Hit maker ZAYTOVEN, the two became a winning pair sparring a collective of films such as Birds of a Feather premiering on “Netflix” followed by Finesse the comedy starring national recording artist Migos, and many other super stars. 


Fast forward 2018, Al Nuke is working on ICON status, not only managing day-to-day operations with Zaytoven and deal with Capitol Records. Al help shape Zaytoven into one today’s biggest producers. Al wrote and Executive Produced Web Series such as Bag Men 2015, Street Matriimoney 2016 and his new feature Birds of a Feather 2.


Al Nuke is a pure definition of determination off the muscle; many called him a Genius, Icon, Legend. Al simply puts it; know me for my footprint I leave on this Planet – for I’m just getting started. 


Grammy-winning and multi-platinum music producer Zaytoven has a seamless smorgasbord of hits. Over the years, he has worked with artists from Drake, Travis Scott, Young Dolph, Lil Yachty and Lil Uzi Vert, to Rick Ross, Jeezy, Yo Gotti, Usher and Keyshia Cole. However he is widely credited for curating the signature sound of international superstars Gucci Mane, Future and the Migos. He has a flair for recognizing and cultivating raw talent, turning unique individuals into household names. 


Zaytoven’s expansive vault of work dates back to the late 90s, yet the Bay-area raised and Atlanta-based beatmaker continues to create melodic jewels with the same labyrinth of activity that catapulted him to success. The master crafter has developed a legendary reputation for producing music that sounds more like art objects than beats. One of the few producers that can perform the music he created alongside his clientele, Zaytoven continues to push stylistic boundaries by staying true to his church roots, both professionally and personally.


The hardworking entrepreneur is the epitome of a diverse musical genius. In addition to production, he has also legitimately branded himself as an international DJ, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist playing the piano, organ, drums and keytar. The latter skill has forced the man behind the magic to perform onstage next to his clients, which has taken on a career of its own. In 2016, Zaytoven opened Gucci’s Welcome Home concert at Atlanta’s Fox Theater on the piano, as well as the BET Hip-Hop Awards, performed on Jimmy Kimmel and did an NPR Tiny Desk Concert. He also played the keys onstage with Future at the MTV VMA’s and on the Ellen DeGeneres Show. The Migos booked him to perform with his keytar at their NYC and Atlanta release parties in support of their sophomore album Culture. The self-taught musician pulled double duty for the 2017 Coachella Festival for both Gucci and Future who recruited him to play the keytar during their respective sets. 


Zaytoven and Gucci teamed up with Red Bull Music Academy in 2017 to do an intimate live show in NYC that featured just the duo and a piano, which sold out in minutes upon announcement. Red Bull also published an intimate documentary on the anomaly that highlighted his rise to fame. 


Zaytoven’s gifts have been consumed across multiple platforms ranging from beverage, spirit and brands to television, film and print. From Sprite, Patron and Rèmy Martin, to Adult Swim, The Rap Game and the Gap, which paired the producer with the legendary entertainer Cher, the young OG has no plans of slowing down. Zaytoven helped produce music for the Sony Pictures remake Superfly directed by Director X, in addition to securing a bit part in the movie.


On May 25th, 2018, Zaytoven added artist to his extensive resume with the release of his debut album Trap Holizay (Motown/Columbia), with features from Gucci, Future, Migos, Rick Ross, Uzi Vert, Yo Gotti, 2 Chainz, Pusha T, 21 Savage, Trey Songz, OJ Da Juiceman and many more. In an effort to support the project, Zaytoven embarked on a nationwide tour that was well received by his legion of fans.  


While he wears many hats, he wears them all well, constantly re-inventing himself and his sound to become a crucial force in the entertainment industry. In 2015, Zaytoven penned a book, “From A to Zay,” an independent’s guide to music production with his publicist Tamiko Hope. As a result of its popularity, he began doing a series of producer camps across the country to give emerging beat-makers the keys to success. Never one to turn down an artistic opportunity, Zaytoven joined forces with business partner and screenwriter Al Nuke to star in and produce the critically acclaimed independent film, Birds of a Feather, which was loosely based on his life. Redbox, Walmart, Target, Best Buy and other major retailers distributed the film. He also scored the film’s soundtrack. Zaytoven and Nuke  followed the same formula on their second project, Finesse The Movie. They are currently filming the sequel, Birds of a Feather 2, slated for a summer 2018 release. In an effort to not only give back to the community but also assist underprivileged youth, Zaytoven established the Zay Area Foundation. The non-profit organization targets young people who have an interest in music and provides educational classes, instruments, as well as financial support.


Unlike the many trends in music that are ushered in just as quickly as they leave, Zaytoven’s artistry and creativity are timeless, which in addition to reinvention is what he consistently strives for.




The team is back at it again in round 2! 


After finding out fellow co worker Jeff was killed in an accidental death, the crew show up to the funeral to pay their respect not before running into their rival and ex boss TJ who is fresh out of jail trying to rekindle the old memories. During the gathering the team gets approached by a notorious gang “NTN” (Niggas That Never made it,” claiming Quick stole their music and hit it big in another country. Quick, who is also part of the crew, has been missing ever since he moved to Paris and became a star. “NTN” is demanding payment and wants it in blood. The team must find Quick who has abandoned his roots and convince him to pay the debt. Unfortunately Quick is non responsive to the request, so they must compose a scheme to convince Quick to pay up and strike rich with a new app called LoonyTubes. 


All hell breaks loose when the plan backfires leaving Quick with no career still owing the debt. Now they must comprise a new scheme to make things right. This roller-coaster ride will leave you full of laughs watching TJ and team plot revenge, but on who. 2 FINESSE is going to keep you laughing while on the edge of your seats.